You must be joking. Every time we hear TAX reform it means more money for the rich and more taxes for the Middle Class. We are still making less than $10.00 per hour and we expect people to live well and be happy.

Lunch costs $15.00 . I have to work an hour and a half just for lunch. Rent. I need to work 80 hours in one week. Cell phone, insurance a car.

Lets get with it America. Yeah, I mean you. Those who make between $25,000 a year and 50k a year. That’s who is paying for it all.

Wake up America. Lets do something.

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What Can You Do?

Send a penny in an envelope to Washington and request that as a taxpayer you want to know where every penny is being spent.

Mail To:

The White House.
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.
Washington, DC 20500

 Include a Note that Says:

“I Want To Know Where Every Penny Is Being Spent”

What To Do?

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